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About us

Girls always have a princess dream and want to be special all the time and this includes their fun time. At Princess Lace Boutique( P L B ), you can always find something special for your occasions, no matter what size you are, body shape you have. Especially, the fishnet is soft and stretchy, hugging your body in a right way meanwhile giving you plenty space to wiggle around in it, you even have no problem to sleep in it.

We specialise in super stretchy bodysuits & bodystockings, leather bondage and more. You can be as sweet as pie in our bodysuit, or a naughty minx in leather bondage, to boost your confidence and spice up your life. Our products can be worn alone, or as accessories with your daily clothing to make a trendy every day look.

We have started our own designs since 2014. We have a growing customer base and can now supply our quality clothing internationally, both retail and wholesale. The launch of princesslace.co.uk in June 2015 is just another easy avenue for supplying you with the products and services that you require. You can also find us on Amazon UK by searching ”Princess Lace Boutique” (click here), or eBay (click here). Our secure e-Commerce website is now constantly updated and designed with our customer in mind, making it simple to browse through and shop securely with confidence.

We operate from Coventry, West Midlands, England; our objective has always been to provide a completely confidential service to our customers, selling quality products at affordable prices. We continually bring you the best service that we can; we hope that you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience at P L B.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback so if you’d like to leave any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards!